The derby of AEK with Panathinaikos is what stands out from the 11th game of the Greek championship, with the victory being a one-way street for both. Motivation is not only the scoring part, but also the psychological part! In the last 25 big league matches with Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK and Aris, AEK counts six wins, eleven draws and eight defeats. At the same time, the Union is called to react to its exclusion from the continuation of the Europa League, where it presented an ugly player. On the other hand, after the defeat by Olympiakos, Panathinaikos reacted with a good performance against Panetolikos. Besides, Trifylli wants a victory for psychological reasons as well, since in the last 17 matches with Olympiakos, AEK, PAOK and Aris, it counts four wins, seven draws and six defeats! A big derby (06/12) in OAKA, where the personalities will make a difference. Their story is rich with footballers who made OAKA or Nikos Goumas take … fire. There are moments that will never be forgotten! Where will the ball land at AEK – Panathinaikos? At bwin you live it with Build A Bet and countless options! | 21+ Nini’s incredible game! On February 18, 2007, Panathinaikos gave a unique performance to OAKA, captivating with its appearance. Munioth’s team had its own party against AEK prevailing 4-1 and at the same time breaking an … eight-year-old curse without an away victory with the Union. It was the biggest success against the “yellow-blacks” in the history of the National Team (the previous 0-3 in 1987). In fact, the victory had a greater value, since a 16-year-old, Sotiris Ninis, had a share. Munioth trusted him and the little one justified him! Two assists and a goal for Nini who sealed the first derby with his name! “Coach, I’m very anxious.” The one who, of course, had learned the news, answers me: “Come in and play what you know and do not be afraid. No one will tell you anything. bwin: Top online odds in the Greek league. | 21+ What did you put, Tsanko! Do you remember Louis Tsanko? He wore the yellow and black in the 2005/06 season and no AEK fan will forget him no matter how many years pass. The reason; The incredible goal he scored against Panathinaikos! On October 23, 2005, the Union hosted the “greens” in OAKA and the … boring 0-0 would be “forgotten” by history! However, in the 85th minute, Lymperopoulos set … fire, achieving 1-0. Two minutes later the ball reached Tsanko, the Swede was in the center, but with confidence … Zlatan fired an incredible shot and wrote his name forever in the minds of the yellow and blacks. It was not a title goal, but it was one of the best in a derby. Vassilis Lakis put the icing on the cake of AEK victory, making it 3-0. “My transfer to AEK is the best moment of my career. It’s something my wife and I will never forget. It is not only the goal with Panathinaikos, there are many moments that stand out. But the most important thing I met at AEK was the coach Fernando Santos. For me he was … a god of football! “The greatest teacher I have ever met,” said the great protagonist. When Karagounis showed the football we want! We want this football and appearances like that of Karagounis make us love it. Giorgos Karagounis and Nikos Lymperopoulos were tied to the greens and their friendship did not “spoil” even when Kalamatianos left Panathinaikos and wore the yellow and black. Derby in OAKA and in the 81st minute of the match, George Karagounis stole the ball in the midfield, went on the counterattack with Lymperopoulos overturning him from behind with a hard foul. Spathas was ready to give the yellow card to the AEK striker, however “Kara” made a move that is not common in Greek, nor in the stadiums of the rest of the world. With characteristic movements he made it clear to Spathas not to give the card. “Yes, it’s a foul, but drop the card,” he yells at the referee with the sincerity that made him stand out. The people did not forget Karagounis’ energy, even though the referee took the card out of his pocket. AEK – Panathinaikos plays at bwin with enhanced odds and new markets! | 21+ What can the … mud say to Nikolaidis Karagounis is cool, but the same goes for Demis Nikolaidis. Fighter of the few, in every condition. Even in the mud! Derby AEK – Panathinaikos in the mud of “Nikos Goumas” in 2001. The Union forward welcomed the 35ara, recommended and in fact, with the right foot (!), A ball by Tsiartas. With a “fish” head he left a statue of Nikopolidis, writing the 2-0 for his team. Demis left celebrating towards the bench of AEK, showing their teammates that everyone should go there. Most of them fell on Santos – with Demis first of course – and dedicated the goal and the apparent victory to him. One week after the shock defeat by Ethnikos Asteras in Kaisariani, AEK responded with a big victory, to which five more would be added, a fact that would allow the Santos team to reach Christmas with +5 from Olympiakos. bwin – This is the game today, with enhanced odds, top live and thousands of betting options | 21+ Loading …


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