PFC Botev Plovdiv Association gave a special press conference, which was attended by the members of the Management Board Radoslav Koshinski, Todor Bochev and Boris Gizdakov.

Koszynski made shocking revelations about the club’s huge debts.

“After the bankruptcy of KTB come the big problems, there was an amount like debts, which was linked and was between BGN 52 and 54 million. The main problem is half of this amount – BGN 26 million. There are a number of cases for this money The trustee in bankruptcy wants them and we have been convicted in two instances and a third one is forthcoming, and we will pass a third one by December.

Anton Uzunov

Only the fees for costs of the cases are BGN 3 million, separately the 26 million remain. All these amounts will become due. This is not a pleasant thing, but if we want our club to exist after the New Year, we must urgently find an option, to unite under the banner of the salvation of our club.

As of December 2019, the operating liabilities are over BGN 2.5 million. To date, these liabilities are 1.3 million. However, each liability is deferred and has a repayment plan that is followed. They are not currently required and are not scary. The debts to the National Revenue Agency are less than BGN 200,000 and there are even more to suppliers, “Koshinski said.

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