(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 29 SEPTEMBER – “If we don’t act now, we have facing a global recession that could wipe out decades development and make the Agenda completely out of reach 2030 “, said the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, during the high-level virtual event on the development financing of the coronavirus era and beyond organized by Canada, Jamaica and the United Nations on the sidelines of the General Assembly, which will also be attended by the premier Giuseppe Conte. “Countries reacted quickly to the crisis, with one $ 1.150 billion fiscal response globally starting from the end of August – he continued – But only 2.5% of this global fiscal stimulus is due to the economies in progress development and emerging companies that have greater needs, resources minors and weaker capacities to face the crisis. “Guterres gave its applause to the initiative to suspend the service of the G20 debt, which created fiscal space in multiple countries poor of the world: “But this answer does not address the entity of the crisis “.” The covid-19 pandemic is a catastrophe – ha affirmed again – But it is also a generational opportunity for shaping our future for the better “. (ANSA).


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