More and more athletes are listening to podcasts during training. Podcasts are regularly released audio files that you can listen to and download for free on the Internet – a kind of audio blog.

The interesting and often funny conversations of the podcast shows can be a great distraction when boring Cardio training on the treadmill or the cross trainer . The 45 long minutes on the device are guaranteed to pass faster with a podcast!

And let’s be honest: After a long day at the office on the PC, who would like to watch another hour on a TV screen in the cardio area of ​​the fitness studio while training? ? Podcasts are an eye-friendly and, above all, ear-friendly alternative.

We listened carefully and found the six best podcasts for your next training session:

1. Talk-O-Mat

Take: a studio, two unprepared celebrities who do not know who they will meet at Talk-O-Mat and surprising topics of conversation. The result: a special kind of blind date, in which the topics are thrown in from outside by chance and discussed spontaneously.

The entertaining podcast thrives on the different pairings, moments of surprise and spontaneity. Perfect for everyone who is interested in people from the fields of music, film and television.

The podcast is available every two weeks on Thursdays on Spotify and Podimo.

2. a mindful mess

How do I learn to take myself for who I am? How do I make my everyday life more sustainable? And how can I be more mindful of myself and my fellow human beings?

When it comes to sustainability and mindfulness, you come to Madeleine Alizadeh, better known as dariadaria , just not over. In her Podacst, the influencer and fashion blogger talks about self-love, textile waste, mediation exercises and ethically correct financial investments.

You can hear “a mindful mess” on Soundcloud, Apple and Spotify.

3. Fitness with M.A.R.K.

Fitness with M.A.R.K. ranked number 1 on the Germany charts for fitness podcasts several times. In each episode, fitness coach Mark Maslow explains important parts of the “M.A.R.K. Formula”. These are the four elements mental training, balanced nutrition, proper strength training and cardio training. Experts and medical professionals are usually invited to the podcast in order to give well-founded tips together with Maslow.

The podcast is available e.g. for Apple Podcasts, Deezer and Spotify.

4. Meditation, Coaching & Life with Michael Kurth aka Curse

He is not an unknown face and should already be known to many as a German rapper under the stage name “Curse”. After a very successful music career, the microphone was hung up for the time being. But now he takes it back in hand: As Michael Kurth, the convinced Buddhist speaks about decelerating things like meditation , mindfulness, creativity and Routines for a healthy life.

The podcast is available for example at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and on

5. Deutschland3000 – ‘a good hour with Eva Schulz’

Every second Wednesday journalist Eva Schulz meets people from very different areas – somewhere between pop and politics. People who impress or move, sometimes irritate, with their ideas, projects and stories. Eva’s motto: When you get to know someone else, you always learn something new about yourself.

For example, she talks to singer Clueso about lovesickness, with author Margarete Stokowski about gender roles and the young politician Philipp Amthor on what it means to be conservative.

“Deutschland3000” is available from Spotify, Apple and in the ARD Audiothek.

6. No time to eat

You would love to eat healthier, but you just don’t have time to cook? “No time to eat” is a podcast that covers exactly this topic. Nutrition coach Sarah Tschernigow talks about ways to eat healthily and lose weight in everyday life. She gives nutrition tips to go for this: Is there any healthy fast food? What can I eat at the train station?

The podcast is available e.g. at Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

We recommend you the episode Three healthy ready-to-eat meals tested to listen to!

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