There is no doubt that animals are the stars of the of social networks. This is demonstrated by the large number of clips shared in the , where they accumulate millions of reproductions. Such is the case of a dog that tries to evade guilt by showing a very unique reaction. The outcome of this scene will steal more than one smile from you!

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Recently, a film starring a dog went viral that unleashed the laughter of thousands for its unique behavior. The images quickly became a trend.

This time it is Nova, a dog that went viral after releasing the new carpet of its owners of the worst possible way. His “mother” said that every time he reprimands the animal, it makes a curious face with which, it seems, tries to avoid the imminent punishment that he sees coming.

“What is this? Was it you Did you mess up the house? ”, the woman said to her pet. Nova, for her part, put on a big smile, showing all her teeth.

“When Nova thinks she’s in trouble, she puts that cheesy smile to try to get out of it” , says the owner and responsible of the video that accumulates thousands of reproductions on the Internet.




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