Atlético de Madrid The president of Atlético, interviewed in ‘El Partidazo’ by COPE and Radio MARCA

Luis Suárez y Enrique Cerezo, en el césped del Wanda Metropolitano.
Enrique Cerezo, with Luis Suárez in the presentation of the Uruguayan player as an Atlético player. ATLÉTICO DE MADRID

Enrique Cerezo He was very happy for the signing of Luis Suárez in El Partidazo of COPE and Radio BRAND and joked about the possibility of hiring Leo Messi next summer, as the Argentine ends his contract with Barcelona and is one of the Uruguayan’s best friends.

“In life, if you want … If Leo Messi wants to play with Luis Suárez I tell him the same thing that is said with the nougat: ‘Let him come home for Christmas’ . With enthusiasm, anything is possible, “said the president of Atlético de Madrid.


Cerezo stressed the good harmony he has with the president of Barcelona, ​​ Josep María Bartomeu . “Everything has gone perfectly well. Bartomeu is a good friend and a great president. At this moment things are not going well at Barcelona, ​​but he has acted as he had to act and nothing else has happened. The signing was not complicated, the player has played where he wanted to play “, he explained.

About Joao Félix , indicated: “He is not the dull player from last season. He is another person. His style and attitude have changed a lot. He is in another phase.”

He also spoke about the future of Diego Costa and the possibility that Cavani : “Diego Costa is a player who makes him Atlético de Madrid is missing. The season is very long. I think so, we don’t have to complicate things. I don’t think there will be a change in Atleti. Cavani’s circumstances have not been the same as those of Luis Suárez. fantastic player, but everything is different. It wasn’t for me or his brother that he didn’t come. “


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