KURIM (CZECH REPUBLIC) – The march of the Italian Under 20 national team continues at full speed at the European Championships underway in the Czech Republic. Angiolino Frigoni’s team this afternoon they overcame France 3-0 (25-22, 27-25, 25-13), simultaneously winning the fourth success in a row and the consequent qualification to the semifinals of the event.

Four years later (2016 in Plovdiv) the junior national team is back among the top four in Europe, obtaining the fourth 3-0 of the continental review against the transalpines. In the first set Porro and his teammates ran ahead and resisted the attempts of recovery from the opponents. hand for long stretches the ball of the game, but as the game went by they slowed down and the French took advantage of it. Italy was good at reacting in the final, when they canceled two set balls to the transalpines and then placed the decisive break.
Without history the third set, the Azzurrini dominated from the very first actions, while France was no longer able to replicate.
The best scorers of the match were Michieletto and Rinaldi both scoring 14 points, followed by Stefani (11 points).
To find out the opponent’s name we will have to wait for Pool II tomorrow evening, currently commanded by Russia in front of Belarus.


ITALY-FRANCE 3-0 (25-22, 27-25, 25-13)

ITALY: Crosato 5, Porro, Michieletto 14, Gianotti 7, Stefani 11, Rinaldi 14, Catania (L). Cianciotta 2, Ferrato, Schiro. Ne: Magalini and Jeroncic. All: Frigoni

FRANCE: Lavigne 6, Doumbia 6, Magnin 3, Paes 2, Pothron 10, Nack-Minyem 2, Loubeyre (L). Gempin 3, Socie, Taramini 1. N.e: Lawani, Helfer. Herds Francastel

REFEREES: Pindral (Pol) and Hesse (Ger).

Duration set: 26 ‘, 29’, 20 ‘.

Spectators: 20

Italy: 5 a, 15 bs, 10 mv, 26 et.

France: 3 a, 13 bs, 3 mv, 24 et.


1 October
17: 30 Serbia – Italy in Kurim


Semi-finals 5th – 8th place – 3 October (Brno)

12.30 3rd Pool I – 4th Pool II

3 pm 3rd Pool II – 4th Pool I

Semifinals 1st – 4th place – October 3rd (Brno)

5.30 pm 1st Pool I – 2nd Pool II

8pm 1st Pool II – 2nd Pool I

Finals 5th – 6th place and 7th – 8th place – 4 October (Brno)

10.30 am and 1 pm

Finals 3rd – 4th place and 1st – 2nd place – October 4th (Brno)

3.30pm and 6pm


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