The lifespan of a scooter or motorcycle depends on various factors, but mainly on the quality of the parts used. When buying and replacing parts, it is not worth saving, as this affects safety when driving. It is recommended to purchase spare parts not from natural markets, but from certified manufacturers.

It is important to consider several factors when choosing motorcycle parts. Motorcycle parts must fit your category of personal transport.

Things to consider when choosing motorcycle parts

When buying, you need to choose a store that supplies parts directly from the manufacturer. Thus, you can demand the appropriate quality certificates, a guarantee for goods and service, replacement in case of defects.

When ordering rubber for a motorcycle, remember that each type of scooter or motorcycle has its own type of tire. They are completely suitable for each device, designed specifically for the technical characteristics and transport capabilities. The same conditions apply to wheel rims.

Other simple rules for choosing spare parts:

  1. The choice of chain and wheel front fork depends on several parameters of the motorcycle – power and transmission force to the wheel, vehicle weight in laden condition. If the fork is soft, the sway will be felt more. But with a hard one, you can experience discomfort when driving.
  2. Shock absorbers are parts that are responsible for safety when driving. Therefore, it is better to choose them in accordance with the model of equipment, not replacing them with cheaper or “almost identical” analogues.

The owner must be aware of all the risks associated with the purchase of cheap analogs of motorcycle parts and other components.

Original parts or cheap analogs

Wrong Selected spare parts can cause interruptions in the operation of the motorcycle or other transport. Therefore, it is better to choose original parts that are produced by the manufacturer.

When ordering, make sure that the parts match the equipment:

  • turn relay;
  • starter;
  • charging relay.

If we are talking about buying a new battery, then first of all you need to pay attention to its dimensions, capacity and country of manufacture.

If the dimensions are incorrect, it will be impossible to install the battery in a limited space. In addition, the device must be suitable for geographic data. Climatic characteristics are important, especially if you plan to use the motorcycle in too hot or cold countries.

Rules for the selection of spare parts for a motorcycle

Each motorcycle part has its design, size and features. For example:

  1. Wheel bearings can be easily confused with each other, especially rear with front. Although each of these types is designed for a certain load, and therefore it is important to clarify the purpose when ordering.
  2. Clutch cables, gas and switch, brake. Each of them has its own technical characteristics. When installing a non-original spare part, there is a risk of losing control or the possibility of braking.
  3. Muffler. This part must match the size of the engine, otherwise power decreases and fuel consumption increases.

All these examples are talking about that it is better to buy certified original parts, and not Chinese counterparts. Thus, you can guarantee the safety of the vehicle and its reliability during use.

Repair of an engine or other parts is a serious matter that requires the owner to pay attention to the purchased parts, their warranty period and other factors. Ask the seller about the timing, technical characteristics of the system, etc.


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