TURIN – We want the tenth championship after 9 years of victories, but definitely Inter and Atalanta will bother us, along with many other teams, it will be difficult “. The Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny does not hide the goal of the new season to the microphones of SkySport Juve by Andrea Pirlo : “ We have fun with him because we have to dribble a lot and be in control of the game. From day one he started with impressive intensity, but we face everything with a smile.” The tenth Scudetto is the battle to win, even if last Sunday there was a draw against Rome : “The game was very difficult, we didn’t play well but outnumbered we managed to draw against a very strong team. These points are needed at the end of the championship and are useful for us for the character. I played a lot out of the box, because I had to create numerical superiority, but there will be games where I will have to play lower. I have more responsibility in setting up the game, but it’s not difficult. “ On the third day the calendar immediately reserved the big match with the team of Gattuso : ” The Napoli is strong and plays well, even the ‘last year they were a very strong team and this year they started well. “

juve Szczesny


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