The Latin American fans of were waiting for the Worlds 2020 Play-In knockout key. Rainbow7 managed to win its last two matches in its phase of groups and got into the third position of the table, above LGD Gaming and V3 Esports.

In the early hours of September 29, R7 faced LGD Gaming in the playoffs for the Main Event. Unfortunately, the Latin American team lost its three games against the Chinese representative and was left out of the World Cup.

The first game closed at about 29 minutes with a forceful LGD win. R7 was the one who started a team battle in their jungle but they were left in a difficult situation after Rakan’s ‘knock up’.

Despite not having shown his best level, “Peanut” managed to make a second match almost perfect in terms of map objectives. At minute 20, LGD Gaming had already secured three dragons; At minute 23 they already had the soul of the infernal dragon and it was pushing the center line.

But all of R7’s strategy would be evident in the last game. “Langx” brought Ornn to the top line and turned into a nightmare for R7. Quite simply, the Chinese top laner was immortal; neither “Shadow” nor “Acce” could hurt him.

Later in the morning the game between MAD Lions and SuperMassive Esports arrived. The Turkey team managed to defeat the LEC representative by three games to two.


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