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לברון ואנת'וני דייויס חוגגים (רויטרס)
LeBron and Anthony Davis Celebrate (Reuters)

The Los Angeles Lakers climbed to a 0-2 lead in the NBA Finals this morning after a 114: 124 win over Miami in Game 2, with an Anthony performance Davis in the first three quarters and a great game from LeBron James, and took a significant step on the way to the No. 17 championship in club history.

The bruised hit came into the game without two of their three most significant players, if Adbaio and Goran Dragic, and the Lakers led all the way. However, Miami can take comfort in the fact that they did not fall apart and were an opponent even without the two, who may return later in the series.

The Lakers started well, leading by 6 points at the end of the first quarter and went up to -13 difference at the beginning of the second quarter. Miami further reduced the lead to 4, but then the AD show began, starting with his lashes and leading a 6:19 run en route to a record 18-point lead. But in the third quarter the Lakers’ good defense collapsed, Miami scoring 39 points and coming close to 9 points. But LA did the work in the last quarter on the way to victory.
אנת'וני דייויס מטביע (רויטרס) Anthony Davis Drowns (Reuters)

LeBron was the one who eventually led the scoring list with 33 points and added 9 rebounds and 9 assists, but Anthony Davis was the standout for three quarters, scoring 32 points and at one point standing 14 of 15 from the field. Razon Rondo added 16 points and 10 assists from the bench to the winner. Jimmy Butler led the Miami scoring with 25 points and added 13 assists and 8 rebounds, Kelly Olinik added 24 points from the bench to the loser.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Reuters) Quarter 1 – 23:29 for the Lakers

Anthony Davis scored the first basket of the game, Crowder scored the first on the other side and Howard’s impressive All-Hop raised to 2-4. Leonard scored a first three for Miami and Hiro added another to raise the heat to 6-8. But two Howard baskets passionately in the opening and more shots from Davis and LeBron James raised the Lakers to 8:14. Olinik (another three) and Crowder narrowed the gap to a point, but LeBron scored the Lakers’ first three, Kozma added 5 straight points And LA at 14:22. Robinson scored 3 from the line but Rondo responded with a 3-pointer, and by the end of the quarter the heat gap had narrowed to just 2 points, 23:29 to the Lakers at the end of the quarter.

Howard and Green Celebrate (Reuters)
Quarter 2 – 54: 68 For the Lakers 5 points by James Another three by Caruso in front of a basket by Iguodala raised the Lakers to 25: 37 Two and a half minutes into the second quarter and after Nan’s points from the line Green’s three raised the lead to 13, 27:40. But from that moment Miami changed the defense, Crowder, Hiro and Butler reduced the gap to 6 and after a three by Caruso, Butler and Olinik and Nan Only reduced to 4 points, 45:41, and later 49:45, a little less than 4 minutes and a half.
Butler vs. Howard (Reuters)

The Lakers under pressure? Absolutely not – Markif Morris ‘three started the Lakers’ run, Kozma added 3 from the line, and Caldwell-Pop’s three completed a 2:10 run en route to 47:59. But it didn’t stop there and after a Jimmy Butler basket came LeBron’s points. , A basket and an offense by Davis and 4 consecutive points by Rondo and the result is already 51:68 – a gap of 17 points and a 6:16 run in 3 minutes. A Robinson three set up the halftime score, 54:68 to LA. Anthony Davis led the scoring in the half with 15 points (7 of 8 from the field), LeBron added 12. Butler led Miami with 11 points and eight assists.

Davis vs. Jimmy Butler (Reuters) Third quarter – 93: 103 for the Lakers LeBron opened the second half with two points, but opened The whole quarter was Anthony Davis. AD continued the ability from the first half with two baskets on a close guard by Crowder, although the Heat remained in the game with two threes by Crowder and Robinson, but a three by Davis raised to 62:77 and another basket of his after that (11 of 12 from the field at this point) Raised him to 24 points and LA to 64:79, before a basket move and an offense by LeBron set an 18-point lead and the Heat went down to a timeout with 64:82 on the board.

Hiro, Leonard and Iguodala (in front of a LeBron basket) lowered to 14, but Davis was just passionate and with three more shots (14 from 15 from the field) raised himself to 74:92 with 30 points already. Butler’s basket and Olinik’s three went down to 13 and the Lakers took a timeout. Back from the timeout the Heat Olinik and Rondo exchanged threes, a LeBron three and later one of 2 from the line raised to 86: 100, but a basket and a foul by Olinik on LeBron’s Paul and other points from Hiro from the line reduced the gap to only 9. A Rondo three-pointer calmed LA down and two more Hiro shots from the line set up a 10-point drop to the final quarter. Miami scored 39 points in an excellent offensive third quarter.

Iguodala between Howard and LeBron (Reuters)

Quarter Wednesday – 114: 124 for the Lakers

LeBron opened the fourth quarter with an easy basket, Kozma scored a three later, but Nan and Butler from the line dropped to 9 points, 108: 99. Markiff Morris returned to 12 with a three of his own and then Long minutes began, Butler reduced to 111: 101, then began three and a half minutes with no points on either side, ending with a LeBron basket 6 minutes to go. Olinik brought the gap back to 10, LeBron, the only one to function offensively in LA in the final quarter, scored another basket, Olinik scored one from the line to bring it down to 115: 104 with 5 minutes on the clock, and again, two minutes without a basket on either side, until LeBron’s basket set a 13-point lead, 3 minutes to go. After a Butler Davis basket he scored his first points of the quarter and another LeBron basket set 107: 121 and closed out a story. Miami further narrowed the gap until the end, 114: 124 for the Lakers and 0: 2 in the series.

LeBron and Danny Green Celebrate (Reuters)


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