This winter, the weather reminded me only a few times that you should pour “antifreeze” into the windshield washer system, do not procrastinate with “shoeing” the car, and sometimes use rubber with spikes. And even to leave the parking lot near your own home.

And how relevant this season will be cars with increased ground clearance and all-wheel drive system? In matters of meteorology, we are not very strong – we have to rely on someone’s already prepared weather forecasts. However, as motorists, we know for sure: there would be an SUV, and there will always be off-road for him! And no matter what anyone says – “jeep” is convenient, practical and safer. Therefore – to your attention the next review of the market of the SUV segment, following the results of trades and “fit” in November 2020, according to DSC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The preferences of Ukrainian motorists, if you compare this selection with the previous one, have not changed much – the American Nissan Rogue together with the European analogue X-Trail has clearly fixed its leading position, as well as several subsequent models, which are already for several months in a row kept at the top of the rankings.

In general, the crossover segment is quite interesting: a lot of models , which did not get on the slides from used cars, among the new ones are in the top ten, and may even be ahead of the number of cars sold by car dealerships secondary market – for example, as with the Renault Duster.

note that the “Top 20 crossovers” do not have a narrow segmentation, which would be dominated by “real” SUVs, or, for example, only compact crossovers for the city. There is a demand for everything – from inexpensive VAZ “Niva”, to “luxury” BMW X5 or Audi Q7.


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