New day, new adventures in Pairi Daiza. In the sector devoted to China, Robin comes to visit Tian Bao, the first giant panda born in the Brugelette animal park. Time passes and a real bond has developed between the healer and his little protégé. “ He’s starting to become an adult. It becomes a giant panda I want to say , ”Robin said with a smile on his face.

Even if many other species have arrived in Pairi Daiza in recent years, the giant panda remains one of the most popular animals in the animal park. Every day, Tian Bao is expected as a star by visitors. “ He still has his fan club ,” Robin laughs.

He spends his days … eating!

In the kitchen, the healer prepares Tian Bao’s meal. He first places the bamboo in a strategic location, where park visitors can watch the animal eat and marvel at its beauty. This time, Tian Bao is also entitled to an extra, explains the healer. “ 400 grams of carrots and 400 grams of cake.

Although it is part of the Ursidae family, the giant panda is vegetarian. It mainly feeds on bamboo, a plant that it can eat up to 20 kilograms per day as an adult. However, his bear digestive tract can only get part of the nutritional value from it, which is why he is “ forced to eat almost all the time and cannot build up enough fat reserves to keep him. be able to hibernate in winter ”, indicates Pairi Daiza.

At the beginning of June, Tian Bao celebrated his four years. For this special day, the animal park has put the dishes in the big ones by preparing a real feast for the animal. “ Bamboos, panda cake, carrot skewers and carrot ice cream cake ”, writes the animal park on social networks.

This anniversary also means that Tian Bao will soon have to say goodbye to Belgium. This is the agreement that was made with China “ as part of the giant pandas rescue program “, continues Pairi Daiza. This breeding project for the species has paid off for the past 30 years. During this period, the number of giant pandas present in nature increased from 1200 to 1800. A great success that motivates Pairi Daiza and China to continue to collaborate together.

Visitors can rest assured, if Tian Bao will soon be leaving Belgium, other giant pandas will still be present in the Brugelette animal park. Tian Bao’s parents, Hao Hao and Xing Hui will stay there until 2029. Like Tian Bao, the twins, Bao Di and Bao Mei, born in 2019, will leave the park when they are four years old. that is to say in 2023.


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