This Tuesday, October 6, the Tiercé , Quarté , Quinté takes place no longer in the Prix de la Chambre de Monsieur-le-Prince at the Chantilly racecourse. This flat handicap will oppose sixteen competitors over the distance of 1600 meters on grass. We advise you to follow closely My Charming Prince (7) which shows a good consistency at this level. We oppose him Ashim (9) who depends on a formidable team.

1 Icatcher Mile specialist and comfortable on this course, he must compete for the first places. Positif 2 Sauzon He discovered the Chantilly track but he proved that he remained competitive for places in value 39 and he shows good consistency in the handicaps. We believe in. Positif 3 Shalamba She n ‘ve never played in handicaps and she is poorly engaged in the stalls. Nevertheless, it has a good margin of progress. It may therefore surprise. 4 Miss Believe She won the benchmark race with authority and is very happy with handicaps. Despite 3 kilos of weight penalty, she was retained in the top rank. Positif 5 Beaufour Clearly beaten for his first big handicap Quinté and once again facing great opposition, we will only retain him for a small place. Neutre

6 Bosioh He likes the mile and he just behaved very well on this course. We can therefore consider it for good classification. Positif 7 My Charming Prince He never disappointed on the track de Chantilly and it has just finished second in the benchmark Quinté. Our favorite. Positif 8 Shoal Of Time His origins are very interesting and he depends on a formidable trainer. He must stand out for his first handicap. Positif 9 Ashim He progresses through his outings and he remains undefeated in handicaps. Even with 5 kilos of weight penalty, we will keep it in very high rank. Positif 10 First Sight It remains on a pleasant success but it has no experience at the handicap level and the opposition seems raised. Second choice. Neutre 11 Metaphor Disappointing last but having shown potential previously and depending on a formidable team, we are seriously considering it for a place in Quinté. Positif 12 Shinasi He was clearly dominated for his first big handicap Quinté and we prefer other opponents. At the end of the selection. Neutre 13 Haliphon He has always been successful on the mile and will therefore discover handicaps with legitimate ambitions. We believe in it for a revelation. Positif 14 Siouville She has never progressed in a handicap and she has only one exit in 2020. Second choice. Neutre 15 Daron It doesn’t count no exit on the mile and it failed in a big handicap Quinté last. For an accessit. Neutre 16 Silver Ewer He has always done well on the Chantilly track and he is competitive in handicaps in the value 34.5. Not to be overlooked.


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