Eibar No club is willing to take over your record

Quiqeu González se queja durante un partido del Eibar
Quiqeu González complains during an Eibar match J.M. FERNANDEZ

Q uique González is one of the few footballers Eibar placed on the market when last season ended. The Valladolid striker did not count for José Luis Mendilibar in the season of his landing and the idea of ​​the Barça team was none other than looking for a way out. The option that suited the most was that of a transfer, but from the beginning they knew that this was going to be very complicated, so they appealed to a transfer that could guarantee the minutes that he would not have in Ipurua.

Until a dozen teams have asked for Quique . But the reality is that none have finished reaching an agreement with Eibar. The main obstacle that the Barça entity has encountered in giving way to the former Deportivo is his high salary . No club in the Second Division is willing to take over the entirety of its file, an essential condition that Eibar put for its departure, and the Basque club either is about to give in and have to assume his salary .

Quique does not plan to lower his salary to leave Eibar , mainly because his intention is to continue in Ipurua and succeed as a gunsmith. He believes that if he is given the opportunities that other colleagues in his position have had, the goals can come . He came into the preseason eager to convince Mendilibar and became the top scorer of the summer, but that was not enough. He has been a substitute in all three league games, although at least yesterday Mendilibar gave him the entire second half.

Hence, if Eibar finally manages to reach an agreement for its transfer, it will be by collecting all of its token. Rayo Vallecano and Deportivo are two of the clubs that have done the most for the Valladolid , but both options seem ruled out less than a week after the market closes. Eibar knows the importance of his departure, because it does not count for Mendilibar and it would also increase his salary margin. But with each passing day Quique’s departure seems more complicated. And that conditions the signing of a front quarter.


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