Lionel Messi’s expression after Cadiz broke into Barcelona’s goal in the 12th week of La Liga for the 2020/2021 season (c) AP Photo – Lionel Messi’s action with Barcelona was so brilliant, that he was also called one of the two best players in the world today. But this season, he looks like an ordinary player. Last season, Messi managed to record a total of 31 goals and 27 assists from 44 appearances in all competitions. This incision seems to prove that Messi is a versatile player. Meanwhile, this season, Messi has only scored seven goals and four assists from 13 appearances. Not a bad score, but not the usual Messi. It could be that this problem was caused by Messi’s desire to leave Barcelona last summer. He has done various ways to open the doors of the Camp Nou, unfortunately the club management failed. Scroll down to read more information. 1 of 2 pages Bad Statistics Messi It could be, Messi is no longer happy to defend Barcelona. Or maybe because he lost his best friend on the front lines, Luis Suarez, who chose to leave for Atletico Madrid. There are many theories circulating about why Messi is unhappy with Barcelona. And the match against Cadiz in the La Liga event on Sunday (6/12/2020) seemed to prove these allegations. Barcelona collapsed with a score of 1-2, where the only goal that was obtained came from an own goal from Pedro Alcala. Based on statistics, Messi lost the ball 29 times in that match. 2 of 2 pages Off the ground factors? Messi’s bad score did not stop there. He has only been able to record two goals in Barcelona’s 16 away matches in La Liga this season. Then, five of his seven goals this season have come from the spot. Perhaps, there were factors off the pitch that influenced his performance. Moreover, Barcelona’s interim president, Carles Tusquets, once said that Barcelona should have sold him last summer. Messi may be upset about his situation in Barcelona lately. As he once said, it feels like everything that happened at Barcelona was his fault. (Marca)


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