The debater: Would signal that “there are rules to follow here”

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Jensen’s school in Gothenburg does not make a mistake in clarifying codes for how to dress. We at KDU want to run the line and see that problem schools are trying to introduce school uniforms as a way to create order and order, writes Nike Örbrink.

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DEBATE. Earlier this week, it was noticed that private Jensen’s primary school in Gothenburg had banned clothes that could be associated with “macho culture”. Stomach bags and soft pants should no longer be allowed.

Vi i KDU wants to run the line and see that problem schools are trying to introduce school uniforms as a way to create order and order.

At the time Sparks Middle School in Nevada introduced school uniforms, the school and the local community struggled with order problems. Gang-related violence, disciplinary problems and 200 police cases in one year were some of the problems the school faced.

In one year, the numbers dropped significantly. The number of police reports went from 200 to 75. Disciplinary reports decreased by 102. Reports of bad behavior decreased by 121 and gang-related reports were more than halved in just one year.

Recently, we have heard about schools’ vulnerability in problem areas. Young students who at an early age learn to sell drugs and romanticize crime belong to some of the many stories about the Swedish suburbs that have emerged in the past year.

The school has a crucial role in creating equal foundations and conditions for all students. It is not the individual teacher or the principal’s responsibility to educate the students, it is the parents’.

On the other hand, discipline, order and orderliness are absolutely decisive for how well the students will be able to take part in the teaching. In such a situation, the same environment cannot be characterized by crime and criminality.

School uniforms would signal the most basic thing: that there are rules that everyone should abide by.

This was also seen in schools in Long Beach, California.

After the introduction of school uniforms throughout the district, crime dropped dramatically. The number of assault cases decreased by 37 percent, the number of gun possession decreased by 52 percent, the number of sexual crimes by 74 percent, the number of robberies decreased by 65 percent, and the possession of drugs decreased by 69 percent.

It is of course not possible to say that the introduction of school uniforms individually would contribute to a reduction in crime in Sweden. Nor does the mess in the classrooms primarily depend on what the students are wearing. The key to more schools becoming safer places lies in better teachers and changing values.

But school uniforms signal something important and fundamental and important in our society. It signals that we are all basically equal and that the clothes we wear do not determine who we are.

In addition, the focus is on the teaching instead of what you wear when you take part in it . But above all, school uniforms strengthen the sense of community and togetherness.

Jensen’s school in Gothenburg
does not make a mistake in clarify codes for how to dress. They should have the right to be able to expect things from their students even when it comes to behavior and expression.

There is every reason for more schools in Sweden to try the introduction of school uniforms.

Nike Örbrink, union chairman KDU Sweden

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