“Tesla Killer” – so for some reason often called pretentious novelties in the world of electric cars. However, we decided to move away from this strange tradition. After all, the last “Tesla hater” understands: the “death” of the company is unlikely. Therefore, it is more appropriate to talk about worthy alternatives to the electric creations of Ilona Mask.

What electric cars can be considered competitors of Tesla? Obviously, one of the main comparative criteria should be the power reserve. For many, “long-range” has become the main argument in favor of “Tesla” when choosing an electric car.

The second no less important criterion – modern design, both exterior and interior. What are the “seagull wings” on the Tesla Model X. None of the mass car manufacturers decided to do that.

Well, where else without high technology. Tesla has become one of the pioneers of the introduction of autopilot and upgrade of car systems “by air”.

It is on these criteria focused MMR , when choosing the main competitors of electric vehicles Tesla. The selection includes serial models that are either already on sale or will be on sale in the near future.

BMW i4

In 2021, the first real BMW electric car will debut – the i4. Of course, you can rightly say, the Bavarians already have an electric car – i3. But let’s be honest, fans of the brand have never taken it seriously.

But now the German company has prepared an electric car with the typical habits of BMW. The model will receive a power plant with two electric motors, the total power of which will be about 530 horsepower.

On a single charge, the BMW i4 will be able to travel about 600 kilometers, which is quite comparable to the Tesla Model S.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Mustang Mach-E is a good alternative for those who for some reason do not like Tesla Model X. Electric “Mustang” will have two modifications:

  • basic – with a battery of 75.7 kWh and a motor of 255 horsepower;
  • “long-range” – with a battery of 98.8 kWh and a motor of 282 horsepower.
  • In addition, the line will include all-wheel drive options. The batteries will be the same. But the engine is more powerful – 332 horsepower.

    The range, depending on the version varies from 340 to 600 kilometers, and acceleration from 0 to “hundreds” – from 7 to 5.5 seconds.

    There will be a “charged” version – Mustang Mach-E GT. Its power plant will include two electric motors with a total capacity of 459 horsepower and a battery of 98.8 kilowatt-hours.

    The stated acceleration time of Mach-E GT to “hundred” – 3.5 seconds.

    Porsche Taycan

    Porsche Taycan is probably the main competitor of the Tesla Model S in Performance.

    The Taycan Turbo S version is equipped with a traction battery with a capacity of 93.4 kilowatts. years. The total output of the power plant is 761 horsepower and 1050 Nm of torque. Passport dynamics of acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour – 2.8 seconds.

    The maximum speed of an electric sports car – 260 kilometers per hour.

    But the power reserve “German” loses “Tesla”. During the WLTP cycle, the “long-range” Model S travels on a single charge of 610 kilometers. The maximum distance of the “Taikan” – 430 kilometers.

    Rivian R1T

    One of Tesla Cybertruck’s main competitors – the Rivian R1T electric pickup – will debut in June 2021. The car will be equipped with four electric motors with a total output of 760 horsepower and 1120 Nm of torque. The power plant will also include a traction battery. Its capacity, depending on the modification, will vary from 105 to 180 kilowatt-hours.

    Without recharging, the pickup will be able to travel up to 645 kilometers. From a standstill to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour), it accelerates in three seconds, and up to 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour) – in less than seven seconds.

    Among the “chips” »Rivian R1T – the ability to recharge from other models of the brand. The list of equipment of the electric car will also include “tank mode”, which allows the SUV to rotate on the spot due to the difference in the direction of rotation of the wheels.

    Jaguar I-Pace


    I-Pace – the first electric car Jaguar. The company did not hide that they see the Model X as the main competitor. It was with this electric car that the British arranged demonstration races.

    I-Pace is equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 400 horsepower. The torque of the units is almost 700 Nm. These figures allow the electric car to accelerate to “hundreds” in 4.8 seconds.

    The capacity of the Jaguar I-Pace battery is 90 kW h. It can be charged from a household outlet in 13 hours and 30 minutes. Fast charging allows you to “refuel” by 80% in 40 minutes.

    Nikola Badger

    In 2020, the American Nikola Motors introduced another competitor Cybertruck – an electric pickup Badger with a hybrid power plant . It consists of four independent electric motors, a lithium-ion battery of 160 kilowatt-hours, fuel cells with a capacity of 120 kilowatts and a cylinder with eight kilograms of hydrogen.

    The peak power of the power plant is 919 horsepower. Torque – 1389 Nm. From standstill to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) Badger accelerates in 2.9 seconds. Electric traction is 483 kilometers, and with the connection of fuel cells – 966 kilometers.

    In addition, the SUV is equipped with an energy sampling point for connecting power tools, compressors and outdoor lighting. As a generator Badger can work up to 12 hours.

    Nissan Ariya

    Nissan Ariya is one of the freshest novelties in the world of electric cars. The world debut of the electric crossover took place in July 2020. And this is the first Nissan electric car that will be officially sold in Ukraine.

    Ariya has received several versions. The crossover can be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 63 or 87 kilowatt-hours. The range varies from 360 to 500 kilometers on the WLTP cycle.

    The total power of the electric motors of the top Ariya is 394 horsepower. Up to “hundreds” such an electric car accelerates in about 5 seconds. Maximum speed is limited to 200 kilometers per hour.

    Mercedes EQC

      Luxury EQC – the first electric crossover Mercedes. Sales of the novelty started in 2019. Unfortunately, it is not officially represented in Ukraine.

      Modification EQC 400 4Matic is equipped with two electric motors, which give a total of 408 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque. The battery with a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours provides about 420 kilometers (WLTP cycle). It takes 40 minutes to charge from the high-speed terminal.

      Already in the EQC base, it is equipped with a media system with two 10.25-inch displays and functions optimized for electric cars. For example, the digital instrument panel displays the current power consumption and power reserve instead of the tachometer.

      Audi e-tron

      The E-tron is Audi’s first production electric car. The crossover has a more capacious battery than the Mercedes EQC – 95 kWh. However, the useful capacity of their batteries does not differ much. In addition, the e-tron is larger, which means that its energy consumption is higher. As a result, according to the WLTP cycle, both electric cars have the same power reserve.

      One of the chips of the “e-throne” – it can be equipped with cameras instead of exterior mirrors, the image of which is displayed on special monitors. This option is available in countries where the law does not prohibit such innovations.

      Volvo XC40 Recharge

      Volvo has long been “scaring” its fans by transferring all its model range for electricity. However, the brand’s first electric car went on sale only in 2020. This is an electric version of the Volvo XC40 crossover, which received the Recharge console.

      The electric car is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 78 kW h, which allows it to travel on a single charge of 425 kilometers.

      New may well appear in Ukraine, because the local office of the Swedish brand is very active. And tries to offer Ukrainians the latest developments of the company.

      author Vitaly Yermakov , specially for MMR.net.ua


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