We are what we eat and a correct can transform the body outside and inside. To this is added sports as a lifestyle or to meet a particular goal such as improving performance, losing fat or gaining muscle mass. This is where the supplements or shakes that many consume to have more energy appear.

These drinks consist of in a protein powder mixed with water or other liquids such as milk and which are very popular among athletes, people who due to dietary restrictions cannot reach the recommended daily dose of protein or who seek to substitute plant proteins for other foods such as meat or dairy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Vegetable protein shakes they become a large dose of protein that can be consumed as a pre or post workout, always looking for a balanced diet , taking into account the state of health and following the advice of a nutritionist to mix it with oats or quinoa to obtain a greater source of nutrients.

“We are c Convinced that a correct diet has a positive influence on health and mood. Vegetable protein in comparison with other of animal origin provides fiber, it is much easier to digest; in addition to containing minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins of the complex B, C and E and its balance of amino acids, which help us maintain good health, a strong immune system, as well as complete our diet ”, to Mag Mónica León-Velarde, CEO of Ecoland, a Peruvian brand of vegetable proteins based on Andean inputs such as tarwi, cañihua, camu camu, coca leaf, yacón, aguaymanto, among others.

Although there are some proteins that when consumed in doses higher than those indicated can cause headaches to kidney problems, among others, “Vegetable proteins do not have contraindications and can be ingested daily, but if the person has a specific objective, they must resort to a professional in nutrition ”, adds the expert.

Los batidos de proteínas son un tipo de suplementos que se utilizan para aumentar la ingesta proteica en la dieta del deportista. (Foto: @mundo.ecoland / Instagram)
Protein shakes are a type of supplement which are used to increase protein intake in the athlete’s diet. (Photo: @ mundo.ecoland / Instagram)

When choosing the product, avoid those that contain sweeteners such as sugar, lecithin soy and other additives like xanthan gum, which can have a laxative effect and irritate. And, like any other nutritional supplement, you should consult a nutritionist before consuming it.

“In the case of athletes, it is important to have a good balance of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals (because they are the ones that are lost the most in perspiration) and, on the other hand, proteins. While a non-athlete consumes approximately one gram of protein per kilo of weight – for example, if he weighs 52, he has to consume 52 grams of protein – an athlete can double that amount because his requirement is higher. Many times it is difficult to complete proteins with natural foods such as chicken, meat, etc. In a vegetarian person, the options are reduced and he will not be able to cover with seeds, legumes and he will need a supplement to his diet. In that sense, vegetable protein shakes are essential to meet your requirement. It depends on your training, but I recommend taking it afterwards. In the case of a long-distance runner, it can be as a complement to your breakfast or dinner ”, explained to the nutrition specialist, Lic. Claudia Agüero Moscoso.

How to consume them?

Vegetable proteins in your diet will help you have a better sports performance and lose weight. They can be taken as a snack, for a pre or post workout; then, at what time to consume it?

  • At lunch: is a good time to take a protein shake that provides the extra content necessary to keep the muscle in perfect condition.
  • Before training: it is recommended when you are going to do strength exercises and thus ensure you have the necessary nutrients during training.
  • After training: after wasting, the muscle has used up all its energy reserves in the form of glycogen, so it needs new nutrients. This will help rebuild muscle tissues damaged by the work done.

    Here we leave you this simple recipe by Valentina Rocca – Healthy Chef so you can prepare it at home and take advantage of its benefits.

    Healthy shake

    Not only will it help regenerate muscles after training, but it also becomes a delicious snack.


    • 1 sachet or 2 tablespoons Quino Slender Vanilla
    • 1 cup coconut milk
    • 1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries
    • 1 sprig of mint.


    Put everything in the blender and process. Enjoy at the moment.


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