Journalists of “Avto24” decided to find out which cars are the cheapest to service, informs Your CAR .

Unequivocal answer to this of course there is no question, because there are no perfect cars. The cost of maintenance consists of several factors, first attention is paid to the cost of spare parts and consumables, as well as work to replace them. And if it seems that choosing cheap spare parts and service stations, you can spend much less money. But it is worth remembering that the reliability of the car and its individual components and units, ie the frequency of replacement of parts is of great importance.

New cars

New cars remain on the manufacturer’s warranty, so you can easily calculate how much it will cost to maintain a new car in the coming years. To do this, it is enough to add the cost of all maintenance at the official dealer for a certain period of time. To this amount add the price of a winter set of rubber and several sets of brake pads. Unplanned repairs (if necessary) are covered by the warranty. If you compare the amounts for these costs from different brands, it becomes clear which car requires less money for maintenance.

From 5 to 10 years

In this period the car begins to show its shortcomings. Most often, it is after the warranty that problems and the first serious malfunctions appear.

If you look not at the years, but at the mileage, then in the vast majority of cars, the first problems with reliability begin somewhere with 150 – 200 thousand km. For the budget and commercial segment, this figure is higher, and for the premium – on the contrary, lower. In any case, closer to 10 years, the cost of operating the car begins to increase.

More than 10 years

Cars older than ten years have problems with more reliability. Of course, it all depends on the specific instance, but on average the car travels for a year about 25 – 30 thousand km. And if the car, say 15 years, and its mileage has long exceeded 300 – 500 thousand km, then in most cases it is time for major repairs of major components and units.

In case of need of capital repair the engine, automatic transmission, steering rack, suspension and replace several expensive electronic units, such costs can be compared with the cost of the car itself. Operation of such machines is quite expensive.


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